Here are some particular strengths of mine.

Organization: I have articulated my organizational philosophy in this lighthearted Flash animation, Time Management For Anarchists. I’d be happy to take it to the next level with you by customizing some strategies for you to apply to your project.

Resources: How can you make the most out of the little you have? How can you bring in a steady flow of income from different streams? There are probably resources available to you that you’re not aware of, and together we can tap ‘em and bring them to the surface.

Volunteers: How can you manage volunteer power in a ethical and effective way? From recruiting interns at Adbusters to founding and running an indie press touring circuit purely on volunteer power, I’ve learned a few methods that are time-effective for the organization and enriching for the volunteers.

Outreach: Promotion of a worthwhile product, service, or an idea is a real challenge. There’s a lot of slick bullshit out there and it tends to outshine sincerity. But there’s a lot of different ways beyond advertising to do outreach: I’ve done it for years with a microscopic budget and a creative approach.