You know how great it is to find a hardware store where the people help you out without making you feel like an idiot? That’s kind of like what I do, but with Internet stuff.

I offer webhosting for as low as $6.50 a month. I like making baffling and intimidating tech stuff as understandable and easy to use as possible — I don’t think the world begins and ends with a unix command line. And it’s because I have a wide range of interests and my own projects, a fast response time costs a little more.

Take a look at the info below, and then please contact me with any questions you might have. Promise I won’t make you feel dumb.

Webhosting Pro - No Setup Fee, one month free trial.
Payment Term: $30/month
400 MB Web Space, 4000 MB Transfer/month. Unlimited domains.
The pro package. Same-day responses to concerns and questions.

Standard Webhosting - No Setup Fee, one month free trial.
Payment Term: $13/month
200 MB Web Space, 2000 MB Transfer/month. Unlimited domains.
Questions/concerns answered within 2-3 days.

No Frills Prepaid Hosting - No Setup Fee, one month free trial.
Payment Term: $6.50/month, prepaid a year in advance
100 MB Web Space, 1000 MB Transfer/month. Unlimited domains.
A discounted rate for art projects, non-profits, and the poor. Questions/concerns addressed within 5-7 days.

All accounts come with cpanel, which is a web interface through which you can control almost every aspect of your site. Check out a demo here, using the login “demo” and the password “demo”. Click the Fantastico icon to see the huge array of instant webapps you can install with a click, such as blogs, photo galleries, discussion boards, and mailing list managers — all included with hosting.

Supported Features
MySQL Databases
PHP4 & 5
Ruby On Rails
Chilisoft ASP
Image Magick
Streaming Audio/Video
Free Module Installation
Unlimited POP3 Accounts
Web Mail
Unlimited E-mail Alias
Auto Responders
Mailing Lists
Spam Assassin
Mail Forwarding
IMAP Support
Hotlink Protection
IP Deny Manager
Custom Error Pages
Instant FormMail
Redirect URL
Web Based File Manager
PW Protected Directrories
Web / FTP Statistics
AWStats (Real Time Updates)
Raw Log Manager
Referrer Logs
Error Logs
E-Commerce Features
Shared SSL
Agora Cart
Cube Cart